About the Orchestra

The Göteborgpolisens Musikkår, Gothenburg Police Wind Band, is an amateur wind band, founded  in 1934. The main reason then, and now, was to gather together policemen who played typical wind instruments but also to give pleasure to other policemen and citizens in Gothenburg. From the very beginning all members of the orchestra were recruited from the police corps. Since it became some difficulties to get members from the police corps it has necessary to invite musicians in other ways. Therefore, the orchestra nowadays also consists of members from other occupational groups. After a long cooperation with West Gothia Concert Band, the two bands were incorporated 2005, still using the name Göteborgspolisens Musikkår, even if using the name West Gothia Concert Band during some circumstances. The orchestra own 2.000 arrangements of different kind of music. Our former conductor (1977-1998), and present trombone player, Olof Jönbrink has contribute with about 200 arrangements for the band during the years.

The present repertoire is very diverse. We play almost all kinds of music e.g. classical pieces, popular music, film tunes, chorals, jazz etc. 

The present chairman Lars-Gunnar Gustafsson says:

"-The band  has shown great vitality during its 76 years. During the years, it has of course appeared at various police events but also at concerts in the Gothenburg area and in other cities in Sweden and other European countries".